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Japan and Korea are two of the hottest travel destinations lately, and for good reasons. Despite being geographically close to each other, they. When you think of powerhouse nations in Asia, the first names that likely spring to mind are these two. Their rivalry dates back generations and. Korean Armed Forces vs Japanese Armed Forces Daily Media / New Channel Donate Daily Media.


Korea vs. Japan: Which do you choose? korea vs japan

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You guys are not about making a quick buck based on guaranteed trigger topics, not about online wars, not about A is better than B, or adding to the hate that we already have so much. Hey Gina, thanks for the post! Which is why we tried to emphasize as well that our Korea is different than your Korea, our Japan different than yours. Any discussion we have about both countries hits a sore spot for nationalists. I hope people who watch this video can relate it to their own bad experiences. I had awful experiences dating in Japan. We have more than enough arguments about which country is better, thank you very. Its transportation system is also superior, with clean and punctual public buses and trains, as well as bullet trains zooming across the country at top speed every minute! They have been very sweet to me while I have been. Submit any pending changes before refreshing this page.