internet treasure hunt

For the past two years, a mysterious online organisation has been setting the world's finest code-breakers a series of seemingly unsolveable. The most successful activity I have used involving the Internet and the WWW is Internet Treasure Hunts. Hey Kids Find all of the answers to the questions in our scavenger hunt fun internet treasure hunt for your chance to be entered in a draw to win a cool Riddle. Adapt the ABC book idea, and challenge students to learn about a topic they want to explore. Students work at their own speed. Get to know the world around you —again, anything is fair game. B is for Bonnie; that's my sister's. This means a search engine does not need to be used in these Treasure Hunts. Linda Mak on http: Doing an online treasure hunt is a great way to learn about searching the net casino austria eintritt get Internet research practice. internet treasure hunt